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There is now a new product that can help people lose weight by lowering peak blood sugar levels after meals - CoffeeSLENDER®.

Click here to read what Max Tomlinson, one of the UK’s leading Health experts and Health columnist for Grazia magazine, has to say about CoffeeSLENDER.

Most doctors and diet experts agree that the best way to lose weight is to follow a calorie controlled diet and exercise program.

We agree - if you eat fewer calories, if you avoid foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates and if you exercise, you will burn stored fat, and you will lose weight. However, drinking a cup of CoffeeSLENDER after each meal could help make your diet much more effective. 

In independently run weight loss Studies the results suggests that CoffeeSLENDER may significantly improve your diet's effectiveness.

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Max Tomlinson, ND, the Australian nutritionist and naturopath has recently performed an in depth review of CoffeeSLENDER.

As well as being Grazia magazine's regular Health columnist, Max is also Harper's Bazaar magazine's "Dr Dish". He was voted one of the "Top 10 UK Health GURUS 2007 " by The Daily Mail, and is one of Tatler’s top 200 UK private doctors in their 2006 yearly review.

Max looked at all the research behind CoffeeSLENDER. This is what he had to say:

“As a nutritionist I am always on the look-out for no nonsense, safe, effective weight-loss supplements for my patients. I want an easy to use product that is backed by scientific studies. CoffeeSLENDER delivers on all counts and is a great way to lose weight as part of a healthy eating plan. The science behind the product is impressive and the clinical studies verify the claims. I have no hesitation in recommending CoffeeSLENDER to all UK coffee lovers and slimmers, and I think that it could be a major advance for UK slimmers”


  • CoffeeSLENDER works by reducing glucose absorption from carbohydrates in food. This leads to lowered peak levels of blood sugar after meals. If you do moderate exercise with lowered blood sugar levels, you will burn stored fat deposits, and you will lose weight. See the How it Works page for more information.
  • In independent Studies, people using CoffeeSLENDER lost, on average, twice as much weight when dieting.
  • Thousands of people in Norway are already drinking it. So are lots of people in the UK - read about their dieting success stories here.
  • Svetol®, the active ingredient, has just won an award at the prestigious 2006 Euro Health Ingredients Show (see the HI Awards website for details).
  • It tastes great – just like normal instant coffee in fact. That’s because it contains high quality instant coffee combined with Svetol, which is a 100% natural coffee bean extract  and powerful antioxidant. For more information about antioxidants, click here.
  • CoffeeSLENDER has the same amount of caffeine as normal instant coffee.

The graph, right, shows the average weight loss in one of our studies over 60 days. The people drinking CoffeeSLENDER lost roughly twice as much weight (around 5kg) as those on the same diet but not drinking CoffeeSLENDER.

The study was conducted under properly supervised and controlled conditions, using the same sort of techniques that are used to test whether prescription drugs are effective.

It sounds almost too good to be true  – a coffee that  can help you lose weight?

Is CoffeeSLENDER a miracle product?Click here to find out.

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Average Study Results

Weight Loss after 60 days


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