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CoffeeSLENDER Tubes    
Around 33p per cup, or £1 a day.  
200g Tube - about one month’s supply.  
Box of CoffeeSLENDER Sachets - New Packaging    
Convenient sachets for when you are on the go. 
Box of 21 Sachets - one week's supply.  
CoffeeSLENDER Combo Pack    
Buy a CoffeeSLENDER tube and a box of sachets for £41.94 and get a second box of sachets FREE. Approx 6 weeks' supply. 
1 x 200g Tube + 2 x Sachets  
12-Week CoffeeSLENDER Challenge    
3 CoffeeSLENDER Tubes for £75 - save nearly £15. 
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Three 200g Tubes  
CoffeeSLENDER Tablets    
Decaffeinated CoffeeSLENDER Tablets 
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20 days' supply (60 tablets)  


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