How it works


When we eat, the carbohydrates in food are broken down in a series of complex reactions by the body and turned into glucose, which the body uses for its energy supply. This glucose is spread around the body in the bloodstream, and is known as blood sugar.

Your body controls how much blood sugar is in circulation all the time. If there is too much blood sugar, your Liver converts some of the excess into fat, and your body stores this fat to meet its energy needs when blood sugar levels have dropped below their normal level.

Even when dieting, and particularly if you eat foods that have a high level of carbohydrate (e.g. sugar, rice, white bread etc) immediately after a meal it is very likely that you will have an excess of blood sugar that your body will store as fat.

Historically, coffee consumption has been linked to weight control and control of blood sugar levels.  As early as 1968 a study was performed (see Studies) to show the reduction in blood sugar levels when drinking instant coffee after a meal compared to a control group.  Other studies supported these findings.

CoffeeSLENDER® has a similar effect to normal coffee, but due to the increased concentration of the green coffee bean extracts in Svetol®, the active ingredient in CoffeeSLENDER, it is thought to induce greater weight loss. When you drink a cup of CoffeeSLENDER after a meal, Svetol, the active ingredient in CoffeeSLENDER, reduces the amount of carbohydrate that is turned into this excess blood sugar. Instead of being converted into blood sugar and then fat, the carbohydrate passes through your system and is not absorbed by your body.

The result is that your blood sugar “peak” will be reduced after a meal if you drink CoffeeSLENDER, and so you won’t turn some of the food you have just eaten into fat. 

Although the exact mechanism for this reduction in peak blood sugar is yet to be fully investigated, studies have shown two things; firstly, drinking CoffeeSLENDER after a meal reduces the blood sugar peak, believed to result from the reduction of glucose absorbed from carbohydrate in food, and, secondly, drinking CoffeeSLENDER may help you lose weight by making your calorie controlled diet more effective.

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