Is CoffeeSLENDER a miracle product?


CoffeeSLENDER® isn’t a miracle - in our view, there are no "miracle" or "instant" weight loss products that actually work. The best way to lose weight is to ensure you eat fewer calories than you burn over a period of time, and to exercise regularly. That’s why we have included useful information for dieters on this site (see the Dieting for Men, and Dieting for Women pages).

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However, CoffeeSLENDER can help you lose weight by reducing the conversion of carbohydrates into blood sugar in your body after meals. This helps when dieting by controlling the amount of excess blood sugar that your body would otherwise store as fat. 

Just by drinking 3 cups of CoffeeSLENDER a day after meals, you should achieve better results than dieting alone.

In our Weight Loss Studies people who drank CoffeeSLENDER whilst on a diet lost around twice as much weight as those just dieting. Click here to find more information on how CoffeeSLENDER works, and how it can help make your diet much more effective

Look at what 3 Norwegian woman achieved by drinking CoffeeSLENDER:

“Within 2 months Ellen Halvorsen, Torild Henriksen and Rubi Sandbekk had reduced their weights by  7.6, 5 and 4.3 kilos respectively.”

Within 2 months Ellen Halvorsen, Torild Henriksen and Rubi Sandbekk had reduced their weights by 7.6, 5 and 4.3 kilos respectively

See Press for their full story and those of many others.

People in the UK are also losing weight with CoffeeSLENDER - read their stories here.

Find out for yourself what thousands of Norwegians already know; 3 cups of CoffeeSLENDER a day can help keep the kilos away!

CoffeeSLENDER costs £11.95 for 21 sachets, or £29.99 for a 200g tube (about a month’s supply). So, 3 cups will cost you around £1.00 a day  – that’s less than the price of a single cappuccino at your local coffee bar. If you want to save money and lose weight at the same time, try the 12-week CoffeeSLENDER challenge and think how much weight you could lose! For those sensitive to caffeine, CoffeeSLENDER is also available in decaffeinated tablet form for £19.99 for 60 tablets.

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So, start slimming the Norwegian way; order NOW or phone and place your order by calling our friendly customer service representatives - 0845 094 6258 (local rate - calls cost a maximum of 3.95p per minute from BT land lines).

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