Cook Yourself Thin on Channel 4

CoffeeSLENDER was recently featured on the hit Channel 4 TV diet show, Cook Yourself Thin.

If you missed the show, Cook Yourself Thin selected four volunteers to try dieting with CoffeeSLENDER for six weeks. Another group of the same size was given an alternative product (instant low calorie hot drinking chocolate). Both groups were instructed to drink a cup after each meal, but not to diet. After the six weeks, the weight loss for each group was measured.

Although the show only had time to feature the average weight loss of the two groups, here are full results:

Group A


Group B

Instant Chocolate

Volunteer 1 - Lost 1kg Volunteer 1 - Gained 0.8kg
Volunteer 2 - Lost 0.7kg Volunteer 2 - Lost 2.6kg
Volunteer 3 - Lost 1.4kg Volunteer 3 - Lost 0.7kg
Volunteer 4 - Lost 1.1kg Volunteer 4 - Lost 0.2kg

As you can see, the CoffeeSLENDER diet group won! They lost a total of 55% more weight than the Instant Chocolate group.

All the CoffeeSLENDER drinkers lost weight, despite not dieting, with three out of the four losing at least a kilo in just 6 weeks. The group drinking the instant chocolate didn't fair so well - one lady even put on weight!

Although Cook Yourself Thin did not advise the participants to diet, it is important to note that CoffeeSLENDER isn't a miracle cure - for maximum effect it is important to use CoffeeSLENDER in combination with a diet and exercise program.

Here are some key points about CoffeeSLENDER

  • CoffeeSLENDER's effectiveness is backed by several independent scientific studies. The full details of these studies can be found here, but in summary, the average results across the studies show that dieting with CoffeeSLENDER is much more effective that dieting alone.
  • CoffeeSLENDER is available either as an instant coffee (as seen on the show), or alternatively as decaffeinated tablets (click here for details).
  • CoffeeSLENDER works by reducing the amount of carbohydrates absorbed from food, making dieting much more effective.

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